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Yeah,,, READ
garden state
I've just gone past my 400th entry by about... well it'll be four now...

But the thing is, for a while now, i've been thinking about this...
• I don't actually need everyone on my friends list. But I don't have the heart to de-friend the un needed.
• My newer entries don't match my old ones... and I hate how i've changed so much in the space of 2 1/2 years.
• I need this.

I've made a new LJ. I'll post it in a later entry, once I get it all... up and running.
I'm keeping this old one though! I'm not deleting two years of love.
Plus if I can't get accepted back into an of my communities I will die. Lol i'm so sad...

A.S.S, we need to talk.


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Nothing is wrong :] I just really need this change.


Was just wondering the same thing as onlysayitonce. D:

Then read what I said to her :]

crazy internet that didn't post my comment: my msn isn't working and hasn't been all week

Internet must die. Actually no... i take that back.

My aunts computer is on dial-up...omgi'mnevercomplainingaboutthiscomputeragain.

i think i can get it to work if i turn the firewall off but then i have no protection and mean viruses might get me in my sleep.

ew dial up pain

Ah, so it's your laptop thats being all internet hating?
(this is me btw)

you know, when i read that you had a new lj i actually looked animeontheradio up to see if it would be that.

yeah that and windows live messenger and i dont know why its suddenly started to do this now but whatever! computers.

really? i'm quite impressed by that. I'm just trying to find some icons and shit to use. Atleast I can start using tags now...

windows live? that version frightens me so much :(

i only have windows live because when i got this laptop it was all i could find to download. so it was forced upon me. it's not so bad. apart from the "hahaha you can't sign in because there may be a problem with your firewall" ness of it.

See, your laptop just WANTS to be destroyed by viruses. Evil but technologically lovely thing.

I have lots of new but old icons now.


i wonder what made people name bananas bananas.

matthew rang me today and told me that he has to come with me to big day out because there will be muse and muse is awesome, even if he only knows this because he stole my ceedee

BDO looks reallly good.

I think i'm going, but I need monies, because my parents won't pay for me ha.

He stole your cd, like when he was here or due to his magical mystical mind powaz?

ages back, last year.

though magical mystical mind powaz do sound intrigueing.

i wouldn't think they'd sell out straight away anyway because people might want to wait for the second announcement before paying up

True, but the line up this year is looking much better than last years.
Or maybe it's just my taste in music. eh

i can't remember what last years was.

i'm most interested in the killers, muse, the veils, and everything else i am possibly eh about


(10th anniversary edition of placebo's placebo, been looking for it everywhere, including rotorua and taupo)

So yay to real groovy then :P
You should get a real groovy card, spend $200 and you get a $20 voucher -.-;
Last years was like... i can't remember that well either but i wasn't very excited about it.

or maybe poo to real groovy, because it's SIXTY THREE DOLLARS????

wtf nz you suck

i have a feeling the strokes were on it? im most likely wrong.

No idea. It'll probably be an import, so it'll have to be expensive.

im going to bed noww


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