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The chronicles of Esjay


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90's child, acting, adam sandler, animals of farthing wood, auckland city, auckland city at night, avatars, billy grimble, black eyeliner, black mascara, blazers, bro town, bro' town, brown mascara, c4, campbell live, certain males, checkered shoelaces, cheese crisps, chocolate, chocolate digestives, clumsyness, coffee, colours, danny phantom, danny/tucker, dash/danny, donkey, drama, drums, dunedin, dvd's, dxh, ecm, edible food, edward scissorhands, electric guitar, europe, evanescence, felines, fire, fishnet stockings, flames, frankie muniz, french, gays, goldenhorse, good charlotte, goodnight nurse, green day, guitar, harry potter, harry potter fanart, history, homosexuals, hufflepuff, hugh grant, idiotic, imax, jayjays, jhonny depp, joey, john campbell, juice tv, juicy fruit gum, l&p, lame, lemons, linkin park, living the dream, lost and found, love actually, lunchtime, lyrics, macleans college, mirrors, money, mp3s, music, nickelback, night, night time, nightwish, nme, north island, notting hill, novel length, one shots, oranges, our lady peace, paranormal, photography, placebo, posting on fap, printers, puss in boots, queenstown, queer eye, rain, real groovy, rove, rove mcmannus, rupert grint, rxs, rxt, sarcasm, sarcasticness, scanners, scrubs, shiny, shiny lights, shiny things, shinyness, shopping, silk ties, slash, slashy avatars, slashy fan art, sounds music store, south island, spasticness, spongebob squarepants, starburst squirts, storms, supernatural, the little red square, the rasmus, the simpsons, the warehouse, theatre sports, thorns, threesided, ties, touching fire, touching hot wax, triangles, vanilla coke, vanilla frappuchinos, webcams, white hot chocolate, white mascara, whose line, will and grace, you dont know